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the kills return to vancouver

the kills
although i haven’t kept up with the kills latest albums in the past few years and that i haven’t seen them play live since 2009, i had no doubt that their may 31 show at the commodore was going to be killer. i was right. lead singer alison mosshart is one bad ass front woman. she owned that stage. guitarist jamie hince is still as mysterioso as ever. and the duo still has that “it” factor, that palpable chemistry on stage.

sean hadn’t ever heard of the kills before the gig, but afterwards, he was a total convert. mission accomplished.

here’s the setlist:

if you missed the gig, check out their performance on CBC2’s the strombo show on sunday:

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insta-chicago: ferris fest VII

“it is so choice. if you have the means, i highly recommend you picking one up.”

i got to sit in one of the three 1961 ferrari 250GT california replicars that was created for the movie. #ferrisfest #ferrisfest2016