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night of the living dead live at the cbc

night of living dead live
they’re coming to get you, barbara! well, here’s a new twist on an old classic. george romero’s night of the living dead performed live and in glorious black and white!

yes, that meant that the set, the props, and even the actors were all monochromatic. cool, right?

dsr production
photo credit: DSR production | derek fu

peggy and i had seen DSR’s production of evil dead: the musical in 2009 and now seven years later, we went with sean to see DSR’s production of night of the living dead live at the CBC studios.

both plays were enjoyable if you’re a horror or theatre buff. i only wish they had better marketing team to really promote their theatre productions. this new interpretation of romero’s classic should have had way more people attending. as it was days leading up to halloween – on a saturday night, no less – the venue should’ve been packed.

although the turnout was low, we had a good time. we grabbed front row centre seats and settled in for the show and to be hella spooked by the zombies shuffling off the stage, into the aisles and at the audience.

some pics:

night of the living dead live
night of the living dead
night of the living dead live
night of the living dead live
and yes, peggy still used me as a shield, even after all these years. but now, i get to use sean as my shield against the hordes of the undead.

Lost in the music

our lady peace + i mother earth featuring edwin

OLP tour
if you grew up in canada in the 90s, you’d no doubt have listened to any number of our lady peace and i mother earth songs on the radio or on muchmusic. bonus points for you if you also followed edwin’s solo career after he left as frontman for i mother earth. (which i did)

both bands are well known and well loved by canadians. but i have never seen them live until now — on their reunion tour that kicked off at the abbotsford centre. for sean and i, it was like a stroll down amnesia lane, reliving our 90s. and i must say, i rather enjoyed this slice of canadiana.

original front man edwin and i mother earth had reunited on stage to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their album, scenery and fish. unfortunately for me, no solo edwin music included in the setlist. we were amazed at how well he belted out the songs and how tight the band was, riffing on the songs. they are a great band to see live. they not only can play, but they can jam.

edwin pressure
their setlist:

  1. not quite sonic
  2. used to be alright
  3. pisser
  4. raspberry
  5. earth, sky and C.
  6. another sunday
  7. levitate
  8. one more astronaut
  9. rain will fall

when our lady peace took the stage, there was a weird, collective energy in the venue. it was good in that canadians rocking to canadians kinda way. it’s not the same vibe as canadians going to a coldplay or U2 concert, you know? this was one of our own and they were here to remind us of our good ole’ days.

raine maida with a megaphone kickstarted the gig. and then the sing-a-long began and didn’t really stop until the end of the night.

full disclosure: i know our lady peace songs because of hearing it countless times on radio and tv. i have a couple of OLP favourites, but after tonite’s concert, even the ones i wasn’t that crazy about, i not only grew to appreciate and actually ended up liking those songs more than before. that is the the power of live performances.

the setlist:

OLP setlist

a slice of can-rock to warm us on this rainy autumn night. now let’s go get some timmy ho’s!

Lost in the music

an evening with sigur rós

sigur ros QE
sigur rós stripped down, but still rocking their asses off. this tour around, sigur rós performed sans strings, sans brass sections, and sans supporting band. for the very first time! all the more to focus on the core unit of the band. this concert would be special in that they would be road-testing new music before even stepping foot in a studio to record them. plus re-interpreting old favourites for the fans.

for their north american leg, sigur rós kicked off their tour in vancouver with two shows. we got tickets for the second performance and it did not disappoint. it was as symphonic, transcendent and dreamy as ever.

the set was simple but the visuals made the whole stage enthralling. it was epic-ness in an intimate theatre setting. i think it’s safe to say, they still continue to blow everyone away.

here are some pictures of the vancouver gig from sigur rós’ website.

it’s going to be hard to top, but we look forward to the next world tour.

here’s the setlist:

sigur ros


photo credit: sigur rós | nadia gottfried

Lost in the music

the paper gods tour with duran duran

the last time i saw duran duran on tour was in 2005, when the band reformed with all five members for their astronaut tour. i remember it so well, going with a bunch of girlfriends who were also lifelong duranies and all of us screaming our heads off after every song. my favourite has and always will be roger taylor – which made the concert extra special as this was the tour where he rejoined the band.

this time around, i went with sean, who’s also a big duran duran fan. and this time, thanks to my brother’s friend, we’d be watching the concert from one of the suites! fancy!

i still screamed my head off like a teenage girl. plus all the amazing visuals. no surprise, as duran duran has always been a visual band.

come undone
come undone.

pressure off
pressure off featuring nile rodgers. right before the confetti canons.

confetti canons
confetti blast!

space oddity
be still my heart. tribute to david bowie during planet earth/space oddity mash-up.

come undone
girls on film.

save a prayer
digital lighters for save a prayer.

her name is rio.

the soundtrack of my youth. what an amazing concert and a nice trip down memory lane. here’s the setlist:

duran setlist

Life + Love

channeling our inner child at playland

what happens when your out of town family – with 2 teen boys – come to town for a visit? why, you go to playland, of course. and go on the rides. and scream your head off.

holy hell. little did we know what we were in for with that enterprise ride. so much fun being spun into the air at a near vertical angle. the momentary and dizzying head rush as the gondala came to a stup was a bit of a surprise though. getting old.

coaster playland
coaster playland
all aboard the most rickety ass, wooden roller coaster ever.

hellavator playland
launching our men 200 feet into the air. 4.5G’s of fun. whose girlish screams are those?

playland family
family selfie time. right before we were all burnt out on all the lines, rides, and mini donuts. that’s what happens when you’re around 2 teenagers. or maybe when they’re around 6 adults.

Travel the world

reflections on our quickie trip to new york

there’s never enough time when visiting new york. but we always try to pack as much as we can in. the main reason for our quickie trip was to see the opening of kingsglaive: final fantasy XV, a movie that sean worked on.  we were lucky that we got to see and do a lot of other really cool things too like: sleep no more at the mckittrick hotel, the ghostbusters experience, the starfleet academy experience at the intrepid museum, and the manus x machina exhibit at the met.

but even without any amazing cultural things being offered, just being in new york is inspiring. there’s free public art to admire, architecture that would leave you awestruck, and ideas that stokes your creative juices. walking around the city at any given time is one of my most favourite things to do in new york.

41 cooper
bryant park
rockefeller centre
welcome parade
looking up
park avenue
new york, we heart you. looking forward to our next trip. for more pictures on our trip, press play on the slideshow or click here for my flickr.

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manus x machina: fashion in the age of technology at the met

dior mcqueen
it’s complete happenstance when you find out that due to popular demand, the met’s manus x machina: fashion in the age of technology got extended until september 15 (from the original closing date of august 14). sean and i found that out when we got to the met. needless to say, i was happy and excited.

manus x machina explores how today’s designers are reconciling the handmade and the machine-made in the creation of haute couture and avant-garde ready-to-wear fashions. It addresses the distinction between the hand (manus) and the machine (machina) in the creative process, and questions the changing delineation between haute couture and ready-to-wear.

the exhibit showcased traditional lace-making, featherwork, leatherwork to cutting-edge digital technologies such as 3D printing.

some pictures of my favourites:

givenchy mcqueen
L: house of givenchy – 1963, haute couture. hand sewn red-orange cotton mechlin-type lace hand-embroidered with red-orange glass beads, tinsel, and pieces of coral. R: alexander mcqueen spring/summer 2012, pret-a-porter. hand and machine sewn nude silk organdy and net, hand-embroidered with red-orange glass beads, freshwater pearls, pieces of coral, and dyed shells.

gres van herpen
L: madame gres – 1950-55, haute couture. machine-sewn white silk jersey with hand-gathered and stitched pleats. R: iris van herpen – spring/summer 2010, haute couture. 3D printed (selective laser sintering) white polyamide by materialise, machine-sewn white goat leather, hand-cut acrylic fringe.

noa raviv
noa raviv – 2014, pret-a-porter. black and white 3D printed (polyjet) polymer by stratasys, hand-sewn white synthetic tulle with adhesive applique of laser-cut black polyester twill weave.

house of givenchy – autumn/winter 2010-11, haute couture. machine-sewn nude silk tulle, hand-appliqued with machine-made lace and hand-braided ivory silk georgette lace.

threeasfour schouler
L: threeasfour, spring/summer 2016, pret-a-porter. machine-sewn white neoprene and nude nylon mesh, hand-applique of 3D printed (selective laser sintering) ivory resin and nylon by materialise. R: proenza schouler, autumn/winter 2013-14, pret-a-porter. machine-sewn white nylon mesh, pieced with white ceramic “stone” custom lace, bonded with white ultrasonic-wielded satin viscose crepe “embroidery”.

threeasfour, spring/summer 2014, pret-a-porter. machine-sewn white nylon power mesh, hand embroidered with 3D printed (selective laser sintering) ivory resin and nylon by materialise.

van herpen
iris van herpen, autumn 2012, haute couture. 3D printed (stereolithogrpahy) dark orange epoxy by materialise, hand-sanded and hand-sprayed with a technical transparent resin.

valentino – spring/summer 2014, haute couture. machine and hand-sewn black silk organdy, hand embroidered with black leather and silk artificial flowers and feathers.

house of dior – autumn/winter 2013-14, pret-a-porter. machine-sewn black silk taffeta with overlay of black cotton-synthetic mesh, hand-embroiderd with leather artificial flowers and black beads.

what a beautiful collection. i’m sure glad that it was extended and that we were in new york to see it. happenstance! for more manus x machina pics, press play on the slideshow or click here for my flickr.

Travel the world

starfleet academy experience at the intrepid museum

starfleet experience
continuing our geek-tastic vacation, we went to the star trek starfleet academy experience at the intrepid sea, air and space museum to immerse ourselves in the world of star trek.

the 12,000 square feet, interactive exhibition was broken up into nine zones: language, medical, navigation, engineering, command and science. as a starfleet cadet in this cosmic career day, you had to complete all the areas. you filled out a profile profile and were given an RFID wristband to track your progress and see which career field you would be more suited for: medical officers, science officers, communications specialists, even commanders.

medical klingon
starfleet experience
starfleet experience
interactive technology was used in the exhibition, including leap motion voice recognition to communicate with a klingon, a medical tricorder with RFID sensors to scan a sick klingon patient, planet projection mapping to navigate through an area filled with obstacles, holograms, firing a phaser at moving targets on a screen and more.

startrek bridge
startrek bridge
startrek bridge
not only that, there were costumes on display, a walk through star trek history, a recreation of the enterprise-D bridge where you can sit in the captain’s chair or test your command prowess by taking the kobayashi maru exam.

when it was all done, i was given my final results. according to the starfleet acadamy experience, i was best suited for command (!), with an secondary specialist in communications. ha. looks like my aggression level was pretty high, while my phaser skills were pretty crap. as for the impossible, no-win kobayashi maru test, i rescued 110 crew members.

startrek certificate
startrek certificate 2
for trekkies, the starfleet academy experience is not to be missed activity. whether you’re into original star trek, the next generation, deep space nine, voyager, enterprise, the original movies, the next gen movies or jj abrams reboot (which i’m all here for), there’s something for everyone, for in the world of star trek, it’s all about being inclusive and living long and prosperous.