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third time lucky! after disappointingly missing out on seeing garbage, not once, but twice, i finally got to revel in long-awaited music goodness on saturday. it’s been a long 7 years since the band was last here, so i was big-time excited for this ‘not your kind of people’ tour.
and it did not disappoint. although the music was stellar, i think what made it really memorable was shirley manson engaging with the fans. she loves her fans. she was utterly humble and so happy to be playing again. also grateful to us that she is still being able to make music for a living.
here’s what the setlist looked like:
to show how much she adores her fans, shirley manson spent most of ‘hammering in my head‘ in the aisles of the orchestra. running up and down centre left and centre right aisles. singing between rows and spending time with as many fans as possible. all the while as bandmate, billy bush, kept a light on her, illuminating her path. she was so charmed when a fan gave her a black crucifix, saying she had been looking for one for the longest time and promising to wear it for the rest of the tour.
as much as i love her skipping around on stage while singing, her banter between songs was just as charming. not banters. maybe more like ruminations. whole conversations. she spoke frankly about how she think she looks fat, even though she knows she’s not. she expressed love for her opening band and spoke about how hard it is for women to be successful in the music industry. she candidly talked about being thankful for what she has, but still experiencing moments where she feels like she’s still struggling, right before dedicating ‘the trick is to keep breathing’ to us.
and although i’m not so naive as to think that she wouldn’t be saying this at each of her concerts, in order to amp up her fans, (ahem, bono), there is a sincerity to her words. or as she puts it, “these are private words spoken to you in public.” there’s weight behind what she’s saying and you believe her.
i was pretty much dancing my arse off the entire night but not more so than when garbage performed ‘happy when it rains‘. it started off acapella before exploding into a heaving and hooting mess. shirley manson had vancouver eating out of the palm of her hand.
what made the night even more special for the band and for us, was that there were more than a number of things pitted against them on this night. madonna, amanda palmer, dragonette, bloc party and patrick wolf were all in town. playing on the same night! what are the odds?!
before launching in their first encore song, shirley manson expressed how the band was so genuinely moved that we would choose to come to see them. more than we will ever imagine. especially when they know we have a choice to see madonna or amanda palmer. or how she puts it, “those fucking hot sluts, who we love and adore.” she even took a jab at madonna earlier, singing a snippet of ‘erotic’ before launching into ‘#1 crush‘. check out ‘i hate love‘ for her thankful words.
that is why we love her.
unfortunately, we didn’t get the full 21 song set tonight.  due to earpiece problems, which we could see her fussing with, throughout the entire gig, they only sang 19 songs. although a bummer, that didn’t diminish all the fun i had at the concert.
i’ve had a girl crush on shirley manson ever since garbage arrived on the scene in 1995 and my reasons for loving her are myriad:
* she’s a style icon – when she exploded on the scene, her style spoke to my black, black heart. still does.
* her songwriting abilities
* her love of animals
* spokesperson for MAC’s aids fund campaign
* she was the T-1001 in terminator: the sarah connor chronicles
* her 10 commandments of love, originally published in details magazine (july 1996)
* she’s not afraid to stand up for what’s right. exhibit A: tossing out a man out of one of her gigs, for beating on a woman. and still remains classy about it
but the icing on the cake?
she had replied to my tweet and then followed me on twitter!
*dies* and that is why i love her.
she is woman. hear her rawr. and rock.
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