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psychocandy with jesus and mary chain

 how has it been 30 years since psychocandy was released!? and how has it been 8 years since since i’ve seem jesus and mary chain last perform? the first question still reels the mind. i discovered the mary chain in high school and their songs will always remind me of those angst-y and awkward teenage years.

jamc vogue
however, i felt nothing but shimmery nostalgia when i saw them play their sold out show at the vogue theatre last night, save for the one bout of angst that i felt.

the reid brothers have not changed much from the last time i saw them in new york in 2007. grey, bespectacled and slightly squidgy around the edges, the jesus and the mary chain still know how to mesmerize their fans. the distorted feedback. those iconic songs. that voice. i’m a sucker for jim’s vocal stylings.

here’s the setlist:

jamc vogue
that’s the thing about favourite bands from the days of yore, they reminds me of how far i’ve grown, how much i’ve changed (and haven’t changed) and is a stark reminder of what i’ll have to look forward to, as the years marches on. aging is such a bitch.

an obvious reminder that my outsides don’t match my insides. inside, i’m still the 20-something chick whenever i listen to the mary chain.

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