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damage and joy with jesus and mary chain

damage and joy
i like this new jesus and mary chain tour schedule. it was only a couple of years ago that jesus and mary chain came to vancouver for their psychocandy 30th anniversary tour. before that, it was 1992. (!) although, that’s only vancouver. jesus and mary chain has been touring regularly since 2012. before that it was 2007-2008, and before that it was in 1998.

suffice it to say, anytime i can see jesus and mary chain perform, i’ll take it.

damage and joy
this time, sean was able to come with me. and it’s not just me – most everyone at the vogue theatre were our age or thereabouts. it was like attending a high school reunion – shoe-gazing to the classics like, just like honey and some candy talking, and rocking out to punchier songs like head on and far gone and out.

they played songs from damage and joy, their first album in 19 years (!) and the brothers reid were in fine form – william reid was chatty and humble and seemed very appreciative to be performing. time really does mellow us all out.

going from barely touring to touring somewhat regularly, it’s always a pleasure to see jesus and mary chain. their stage presence may have matured, but their cascading wall of sound and screaming guitar feedback have never changed.

jamc vogue
here’s the setlist:

damage and joy

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