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About the girl

About the girl

happy 10th pescetarian anniversary

golden horse
an anniversary and accomplishment i’m immensely proud of. 10 years of not eating any meat. it was one of the best things i did for myself during my time in new york.

when i tell people, i have to be clear. i am not a vegetarian, nor am i not a vegan. i eat eggs, dairy, fish and seafood. technically, that would make me a lacto-ovo-pescetarian.

the way one chooses to eat is a personal choice. i have friends and family members who are meat eaters. i am not out to convert or shun anyone. i also have friends who’ve changed their diets, either of their own accord or observing how i’ve lived my life this past decade. if i have inspired anyone to think about where their food comes from and how to be a little kinder to the earth,  then that just makes me happy.

besides the health aspect of switching to a pescetarian diet, i think the reasons for my choice is pretty obvious:

baby panda
pescetarian for life.

About the girl, Lost in the music

i’m with the band

music is everything. i can’t imagine my life without it. i’m lucky – my parents raised me right and instilled in me a love for music, stretching all the way back to the 50s (with what they grew up on) and earlier.

i was the little girl who would sleep with a transistor radio under her pillow. i was the little teenager who listened to tapes in her walkman everywhere. i even taped songs played on radio stations and cursed out DJs under my breath who talked over the intro or outro. and as soon as i was old enough, went to concerts. a sh*t ton of them, it looks like with this little retrospective of mine. judge away, but i stand by all of them. ha.

bros – february 12
harry connick jr – march 1
janet jackson – june 9
erasure – june 29
depeche mode w/nitzer ebb – july 16
new kids on the block – september 5
deee-lite – april 21
pop will eat itself w/the limbomaniacs – april 29
jesus jones – may 19
EMF w/pop will eat itself – august 15
morrissey – october 28
billy bragg – december 6
pixies w/pere ubu – december 16
big audio dynamite & PIL w/live & blind melon – march 30
teenage fanclub w/aghan wigs  – april 19
U2 the zoo TV tour w/the pixies (leg 1: arenas in north america) – april 23
blur w/senseless thing – may 8
the cure w/the cranes – june 30
live w/wire train & spent poets – july 4
peter murphy w/the nymphs – july 14
lollapalooza f. the jesus & mary chain, lush, ministry, stone temple pilots – july 21
charlatans UK w/catherine wheel – august 9
echo and the bunnymen – september 22
U2 the zoo tv tour (leg 3: stadiums in north america) – november 3
barenaked ladies – february 15
inspiral carpets w/sunscreem – february 26
lenny kravitz w/blind melon – october 31
curve w/engines of aggression – november 30
moist – july 7
lollapalooza f. the verve, shonen knife, beastie boys, nice cave & the bad seeds, smashing pumpkins- august 30
REM w/sonic youth – may 20
edwyn collins w/ivy – september 20
blur w/the rentals – january 25
depeche mode – december 4
the philosopher kings – march 13
david usher –  july 22
supreme beings of leisure – october 12
linkin park’s meteora tour – february 12
boy george – april 23
the killers – september 3


duran duran – march 4
ash & the bravery – march 31
endfest 14 f. interpol, the bravery, stereophonics, kaiser chiefs, the caesars, kasabian, MXPX, hot hot heat, queens of the stone age, social distortion, ash – june 4 @ white river amphitheatre in washington
jack johnson – august 14
aqualung w/the perishers & tracy bonham – september 29 @ webster hall
across the narrows f. the killers, interpol, british sea power, new york dolls – october 1 @ staten island
franz ferdinand – october 17 @ madison square garden
nine inch nails – november 3 @ madison square garden
echo & the bunnymen – november 20 @ irving plaza


richard ashcroft – march 29 @ webster hall
placebo w/she wants revenge – november 7 @ nokia theatre
the sounds w/shiny toy guns – november 24 @ webster hall
ladytron – feb 9 @ library bar
ladytron – feb 22 @ capitale
leigh nash – feb 27 @ knitting factory
stellastarr* & monsters are waiting – mar 8 @ luna lounge
the kooks – may 10 @ irving plaza
the cinematics w/the changes & jealous girlfriend – may 11 @ irving plaza
mando diao – may 14 @ the bowery
the jesus & mary chain – may 22 @ webster hall
the bravery & cinematics – may 30 @ irving plaza
the horrors – june 4 @ luna lounge
interpol – june 5 @ bowery ballroom
A camp w/cat marino – august 8 @ the knitting factory
virgin festival f. paulo nutini, arctic monkeys, interpol, bjork, metric, the killers, editors, cinematics, dirty vegas – september 8-9 @ toronto island
the bravery – january 24
the kooks – may 24
radiohead – august 19
goldfrapp – september 16
stereophonics – september 20
david usher – november 7
franz ferdinand – december 9
glasvegas – january 11
the kills + the horrors – may 16
depeche mode – august 10 @ key arena, seattle
silversun pickups – august 18
emily autumn – october 30
interpol – january 27
arctic monkeys – september 28
platinum blonde – march 10
patrick watson w/cat marino – june 14
linkin park – september 4
garbage – september 29
sigur ros – may 27
moist – december 18
new order – july 8
interpol – september 15
moist – december 4
About the girl

the bimbo is the target

after not going to archery for what must have been more than half a year (!), i went a-shooting last weekend. how could i pass up a zombie night?
it’s been so tiring with work and commuting, that by the time friday rolls around, i’m so drained that all i want to do is sloth around at home. turns out that i’m not the only one who feels like this, which is why the manager have started to arrange for saturday night meetups.
so it’s was a pleasant surprise that my aim did not suck as much as i thought it would. my first end out, i shot 2 arrows into the zombie’s head.
turns out that i didn’t like the look of the bimbo either. well, at least i saved her from being turned into a zombie.
About the girl


source: vagabondish

i have finally found my word. this feeling that i have felt within me for as long as i can remember now has a name: sehnsucht. and to find the one word that encapsulates this yearning is rather glorious to me.

About the girl

miss mis-fire

christmas is definitely over when cute, little stuffies are pinned up, in order to be shot at. and either i’m out of practice (the gallery was closed for the whole month of december) because i couldn’t even hit one of them, or my subconscious just wouldn’t let me hit happy feet and friends.

i didn’t fare any better when zombie targets were put up later in the evening. we were suppose to aim for the orange dot on the forehead. and well, only one of my arrows actually hit the intended target, on the wristbone. like that would’ve done me any good if this had been a real zombie attack.

but i’m comforted by the thought that my co-horts would’ve also been zombie fodder.
that’s what i get for being away too long. blame it on the shooting gallery closing the entire month of december. and the move. and the over-indulging and slothful behaviour during the holidays. clearly.
i should’ve kept the target as a badge for my failure. do not rely on me in the event of a zombie apocalypse. at least, not today.
About the girl

the wily shooter

last week was the first ever potluck theme night at archery. besides the obvious BYOF to share, it meant it was games night and there would be prizes to win.

there were 21 of us and we were divided into categories of: women’s recurve, men’s recurve and men’s compound. each group would shoot at the same time and compete with each other. in my women’s group, there were 7 of us.

right off the bat, during our practice run, i scored double 10s from our 18m line! (that’s 2 arrows hitting bullseye in one end) i was elated. my third arrow didn’t hit the target, but that’ll be a goal for the next time.

double 10s, bitches
double 10s close-up
two or doubles must have been the magic number for me that night. when the gallery supervisor brought out a deer model for us to practice 3D shooting, i shot 2 of my arrows into the target zone. my third arrow again didn’t hit the target, but rather under the deer, as seen below.
shooting fake bambi
there were also teeny, tiny balloons attached around targets for us to shoot at, but at 18m away, it was a challenge. but after a couple of ends, i was the first shooter to hit one. but that was it. i never got another tiny one again.
as you can see, there were lots of arrows shooting for these balloons, many coming close.
these balloons were taunting us all
when we finally cleared the wall of tiny balloons, dennis blew up some normal sized ones for us. such a difference a few more breaths into a balloon makes. take notice of the silver balloon below. (the one beside the blue balloon)
balloons, i have you in my sight
oh, and by the way, this was actually how far where we were all shooting from:
at the 18m line, standard for indoor shooting gallery
remember that silver balloon? boom! bye bye balloon.
on fi-yah!
with practice over, we began our competition. our 3 groups would shoot 10 ends and the shooters in each group with the highest scores would win prizes. i didn’t come in first in women’s recurve. i came in second with 80 points. first place women’s winner had scored 124.
but i won 2nd place in women’s recurve and got to choose the prize:
nabbed myself the wile e. coyote
don’t know why, but 2 was my lucky number for the night. for the win.
About the girl

explore the world

i’ve always wanted to buy a really cool map of the world that i could display on my wall and pushpin all the places that i had been to. but i’m pretty picky about what it should look like and if it would go with the rest of my decor.

well, this one certainly would. want! even though the pins are too big and the map is too small to pin every single place i’ve traveled, i’d still adorn my wall with it. (well, i could pin country and state instead of cities)

but if i wanted to keep track of the places visited so far, it would look a little something like this:

and when i look at it on a global scale, i am slightly bummed because there’s so many places i haven’t hit yet! not that i haven’t not been anywhere, i do know that i’ve travelled more than some, but less than others.
i also make it a habit to try to see and experience as much as i can when i go somewhere, including visiting outlying areas. as my map shows, i’ve travelled fairly extensively throughout california, netherlands and the UK.
but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. lots of world left to see.
i used to joke that i would just throw a dart on the wall map and that would determine where my next adventure would be. but considering that the world is two-thirds water, i’d end up in the middle of some ocean. and unfortunately, some places that i would love to go to are not tourist-friendly right now. but that wouldn’t deter me, it would only delay things for a while.
so i’m making a list of when and where i have travelled. (not counting childhood or family trips) this will serve as a motivator for me to a) travel at least once a year if i could and b) travel to a place that i’ve never been to before.
BC: whistler
BC: qualicum beach, parksville, coombs
california: san francisco, san leandro, silicon valley, san simeon, monterey
washington: seattle
BC: victoria
new york: new york city
washington: friday harbor
china: beijing, xian, wuxi, nanjing, suzhou, hangzhou, shanghai, chengdu

BC: victoria
yukon territories: whitehorse
BC: kelowna

BC: harrison hot springs
BC: kelowna
washington: seattle
california: palm springs, joshua tree

BC: whistler
california: los angeles
netherlands: amsterdam, den bosch, utrecht, zaanse schans
belgium: brussels, antwerp, bruges

washington: snoqualmie falls

UK: london, evesham
france: paris
california: san francisco, sacramento, santa rosa, muir woods
UK: london for christmas

new york: brooklyn
UK: cornwall, devon, padstow, cotswald, bath, wells, glastonbury, blackheath, avebury, stonehenge, warwick, stratford upon avon, london
ontario: toronto

north carolina: raleigh, durham
arizona: phoenix
hawaii: maui

new york: new york city

california: los angeles, alhambra, irvine, marina del ray, newport beach, santa monica, beverly hills, venice beach, san diego, san marino, huntington beach, pasadena

manitoba: winnipeg
alberta: calgary

nevada: las vegas
washington: leavenworth, winthorp

alberta: edmonton

lousiana: new orleans (mardi gras)
new york: new york city

netherlands: den haag, groesbeek, apeldoorn, beekbergen, haarlem, amsterdam

oregon: portland
ontario: toronto

california: san francisco, santa cruz, 17 mile drive, monterey, carmel by the sea, san jose

hawaii: honolulu

where to next?

About the girl

tightening it up

maybe more important than getting a bulleyes is shooting a tight grouping in archery. and last week, i shot my tightest grouping ever. at 18 metres away!

two arrows touching each other. boom!
accuracy and precision counts. a proud moment. woot!
my next challenge to myself: score a robin hood!
About the girl

flower confidential

if you won the lotto or came into an inheritance, what would you choose to do for a living? you know, after you bought your mansion, your exotic cars and traveled around the world. how would you like to fill your days, vocation-wise?

i had this discussion with some coworkers a long time ago. one said he would open a neighbourhood bookstore slash music listening shop. another would open an intimate coffee bar. obviously, it’s not like we would work for the money, but rather what would inspire us to go to work every day.

well, i would be a florist, with my own flower bar slash event space. for how could one not be happy when surrounded by colour and fragrant flowers all day? to create works of beauty and make things that bring happiness to people? to have a cool loft space that can be rented for parties and weddings?

my dream was inspired by one of my favourite spaces in new york:

i would be happy coming to work in this environment. in another timeline…

or perhaps i should go and buy a lotto ticket tomorrow.

photo sources: banchett flowers