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insta-london: secret cinema – the empire strikes back

rebel xi’ve been a fan of secret cinema in london for years. and tonite, i got to be a participant for their fully immersive ‘the empire strikes back’ movie event. highly secretive, the location isn’t disclosed until the last minute. (the 18 acre multi-level industrial space used to be an old letterpress factory) and when you get there, your phone is vacuum sealed, so no photos can be taken or leaked.
my role was that of a governor of the alliance (although i wish i got creative council or alliance starfighter). i was to bring blueprints to trade for information.
the experience was technically unreal and fun with holograms, video projections and hollywood set worthy pieces, like luke’s landspeeder, the planet of tattooine, an actual re-creation of the cantina bar, life-sized x-wing figher jet with human pilot, suspended from the rafters and flown over our heads. not to mention chewbacca, C3PO, R2D2, imperial guards, stormtroopers, jawas, darth and co. walking amongst expense was spared. it was all super impressive.
then after our missions, the night culminated with a big-a** screening of ‘the empire strikes back.’ what an epic way to (almost) close out my trip. like i always say, no city can outdo london or new york when it comes to social events.

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pirouettes and tutus

how lovely is this? the first ever world ballet day, to be held online on october 1.
five world famous ballet companies – australian ballet, bolshoi ballet, royal ballet, national ballet of canada and san francisco ballet – will be live streaming from their rehearsal studios.
it’s a workday, but i just may be watching on my ipad.
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need more walls

while out on lunch, i came across an art store and i just had to go in. because this captured my attention.

this is what i think love and attraction should feel like. like an explosion of colour between 2 people as they come together for a kiss.

i loved urban artist lora zombie’s big bang kiss so much i just had to get it.

i also picked up her meow print.

the art store also had other lora zombie prints and canvases which i liked, but there’s only so much wall space i have at home. and i was already vacillating between those two and getting a tetraptych of hidden moves cat illustrations. i had my eye on office warfare, fight or flight, office warfare, middle class rebel and eye of the tiger.

perhaps a blessing in disguise that the art store did not have space cadet, otherwise i would’ve picked it up too.

like i said, so much art and not enough wall space.

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urban art in the mission

if you like street art and graffiti, a visit to san francisco’s mission district is a must.

the area is colourful, to put it mildly. some people may say it borders on grungy, shady and seedy, but hey, vancouver’s downtown eastside is way worse. it actually reminded me alittle of commercial drive (if it were more down and out).

clarion alley is sandwiched between mission and valencia street. on the mission side of the street, i’m not going to candy coat it, it’s rough looking. which is why my cousin kat, wes and my uncle navy did not recommend that i go walking around there alone.

which is why i went with my cousin kim. we’re both adventuresome, have similar interests and are not afraid try new things, even if it takes us out of our comfort zone. she would never put me in a risky situation, anyways.

hell, if i can take the G train to bedford stuyvesant late at night, by myself…

this is in complete contrast to the valencia side of the street. it’s hipster central, with trendy shops and restaurants, clean (compared to the mission side) and tourist-friendly.

the stark difference, separated by just one block.

we started on the mission side, walked through clarion alley, up valencia and back into the mission district to find more street art. it’s everywhere. a ton of walking and here’s what i saw:

the mission district is more lower east side in new york, rather than 5th avenue, oxford circus or champs-elysee, but worth a visit. don’t be put off by the pee smell, noises, grittiness and the handful of residents, who on the surface may come across as intimidating, there’s a lot of great murals to view here.

for more pictures of clarion alley and the mission district, press play on the slideshow or click here for my flickr.

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