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Life + Love

missed my little monkey

charlie light
what’s the the worst part of traveling? missing this little monkey.

jonesy photobomb
stovetop charlie
charlie stovetop
i get an ache in my heart when i’m away too long from charlie. especially when sean tells me that charlie goes from room to room, meowing and looking for me. or when he looks out the window where my car is parked, waiting for me to come home. doesn’t ever get easy leaving this fuzzy face.

but it definitely gives me a reason to look forward to coming home. oh, and my fella too.

Life + Love

cloud cover over port moody

that’s some serious altocumulus action.

coming home via west coast express and i get off to see this at the station. an otherworldly display of clouds. this kind of cloud cover never happens here. and yes, it was as hot as it looks in this picture.

Life + Love

vancouver after the vacation

vancouver skyline
vancouver, stop being so pretty.

no, really. whenever i return back from a trip, i find myself more in appreciation of the natural beauty of the city, where i was born and raised.

vancouver pano
pano vancouver
from the urban “jungle” of vancouver proper, to the leafy, green suburbs that i call home, vancouver is at its best when it’s bright and sunny.

course, after a while, the travel itch sets in and i’m ready to take off again.  when will that be? where to go next?

Life + Love

cherry blossom trees in the hood

get out there, peeps! those cherry blossom trees aren’t going to stick around forever.

on a fun note, the pictures of us is giving me old indie/alternative rock/shoegazing band vibes that would come from the pages of NME, select or spin magazine. 90s music FTW! even my friend cam thought album cover when she saw the pics.

Life + Love

happy 7th anniversary

springtime is my favourite time of year. sunshine, the herald of warmer weather, cherry blossom trees and when i got together with this fella.

happy 7th anniversary, babe. SEVEN! love you.

Life + Love

a safari of animals inside out at science world

animals inside out. at first, i wasn’t sure if it could handle it. i thought that i might just walk out after a few steps, a few minutes. i even asked the staff member if anyone’s ever walked out or felt ill by what they saw. and not that it alleviated my concerns, she simply said “yes, lots.”

i’m talking about the animal inside out exhibition at science world.

i’ve been to gunther von hagen’s body worlds exhibit in new york, as well as, in vancouver. although it’s disconcerting to see plastinated humans, i was able to stomach it. for the most part. but animals…. i love animals. i had to give a disclaimer to sean and for him to prepare for me to walk out at any moment.

but i stayed. and i went through the whole exhibit. although it was a bit sad, i felt the exhibit was respectful and educational, bordering on captivating and disturbing.

being sensitive of viewers, i’m not going to post pictures right on my blog. i don’t like being visually assaulted when i’m not expecting it, as i’m sure others don’t either. nothing chaps me more than content that might be disturbing popping up in all its glory, without so much as a warning on my twitter feed.

to view the pictures, click here for my flickr.

another reason i wanted to go to science world was for the red bull stratos exhibit, featuring felix baumgartner’s space suit and capsule he rode up to the edge of space, before free fall jumping 128,000 feet back to earth.

felix helmet
felix suit

i remembered watching the world record jump online in 2012. what a nail-biter of a moment! and now i get to see the suit and capsule with my very eyes.

final mission records include:

  • first person to break the speed of sound in freefall, without the protection or propulsion of a vehicle
  • fastest freefall: 843.6 miles per hour
  • highest exit (jump) altitude: 127,852 feet
  • longest freefall distance: 119,431.1 feet
  • highest manned balloon ascent: 128,177.5 feet
  • largest balloon ever flown with a human aboard: 30 million cubic feet
  • fastest overland speed of a manned balloon: 135.7 miles per our
  • highest untethered altitude outside a vehicle

what an incredible feat for a human! how could one possibly top that in their career slash life? so inspirational just to be in the presence of what made it all possible.

for more pictures of my day at science world, click here for my flickr.

*some content may not be suitable for some readers. viewers discretion is advised*

Life + Love

bright lights at van dusen botanical garden

vandusen1we finally got to go see van dusen botanical garden’s festival of lights! every year, we say we’re going to see it, and every year we get so hella busy (erm, holiday season), that it’s over before we get to it. or that we’re too exhausted from other commitments, that we would take the downtime than driving into town.

but not this year. with a little extension from the gardens, the crowd-pleasing festival of lights were held over until 3rd week of january. and yes, it’s technically not christmas anymore, but when it’s dark and gloomy january, one could resurrect those holiday spritis with a little bright lights.

bonus! it’s not as crazy busy as during the holiday season. you know how i am about crowds.

some pics:

scary trees
vandusen bokehmerry january!