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Lost in the music

Lost in the music

chester bennington has died

beyond shocked. i just can’t about this loss.

my love for linkin park + chester bennington goes all the way back to ‘hybrid theory.’ I love the band, the songs, their evolution, chester’s voice + seeing them live.

i was there for their ‘meteora’ tour in 2004 and their ‘living things’ tour in 2012.

living things tour
living things tour
I have a ticket for their upcoming ‘one more light’ world tour in october.

and now… i can’t believe he’s gone. i’m in a state of disbelief and will be processing this loss for a good, long time. thank you for the music. RIP.

top photo credit: linkin park

Lost in the music

damage and joy with jesus and mary chain

damage and joy
i like this new jesus and mary chain tour schedule. it was only a couple of years ago that jesus and mary chain came to vancouver for their psychocandy 30th anniversary tour. before that, it was 1992. (!) although, that’s only vancouver. jesus and mary chain has been touring regularly since 2012. before that it was 2007-2008, and before that it was in 1998.

suffice it to say, anytime i can see jesus and mary chain perform, i’ll take it.

damage and joy
this time, sean was able to come with me. and it’s not just me – most everyone at the vogue theatre were our age or thereabouts. it was like attending a high school reunion – shoe-gazing to the classics like, just like honey and some candy talking, and rocking out to punchier songs like head on and far gone and out.

they played songs from damage and joy, their first album in 19 years (!) and the brothers reid were in fine form – william reid was chatty and humble and seemed very appreciative to be performing. time really does mellow us all out.

going from barely touring to touring somewhat regularly, it’s always a pleasure to see jesus and mary chain. their stage presence may have matured, but their cascading wall of sound and screaming guitar feedback have never changed.

jamc vogue
here’s the setlist:

damage and joy

Lost in the music

linkin park to return to vancouver

linkin park
in my tiny fists of fury, a ticket to linkin park! snagged row 1, plaza level. no one in front of this shorty!

one more light
linkin park returns to vancouver october 15 with their ‘one more light’ world tour with special guest, snoop dogg. if this show is as good as the last time they were here in 2012, it’ll be a helluva good time.

Lost in the music

game of thrones live concert experience comes to vancouver

GoT live
music is here! how do you take your game of thrones? some fans just watch the show, some watch the show and go to the conventions, while others have read the books and watch the show, and yet others will read the books, watch the show and be all about the music. the latter would be us, because sean and i just love movie soundtracks and scores and the game of thrones live concert experience featuring ramin djawadi is just our jam.

the immersive game of thrones live concert experience pulled out all the stops – featuring a full orchestra, choir, solo musical performances, a 360° stage, and stunning state-of-the-art technology showcasing footage from the show on jumbotron screens, as well as, really cool visuals created for the tour.

there were confetti snow (winter is coming!), confetti red petals falling from the weirwood tree, dragon’s breath (shooting flames from a rig), and the green wildfire (pyrotechnics and smoke) that blew up the great sept of baelor. boom!

GoT live
GoT live
GoT live
GoT live
not saying that a newbie couldn’t enjoy the game of thrones live concert experience, but it really is for the super fans of the show. highlight reels included all the best and most gut-wrenching moments from the past 6 seasons – accompanied to sweeping and lush musical scores, epic battle anthems and heart-soaring love ballads. we were swept up on this musical  journey across the seven kingdoms, from king’s landing to winterfell, from the wall to mereen and everywhere in between.

GoT live
GoT live
GoT live
GoT live
GoT live
GoT live
GoT live
a night of classical music might not be some people’s cup of tea, but we are not some people. and i admit, i won’t be the first to line up for a night of beethoven or mozart, but when it comes movies (or in this case, tv), in concert, sign me up. ramin djawadi is right up there with the likes of john williams, danny elfman, hans zimmer, clint mansell, michael nyman, and james horner.

GoT live
here’s the setlist:

game of thrones
if you dig on game of thrones, or movies and their soundtracks, the game of thrones live concert experience is a must.

Lost in the music

pet shop boys super tour

pet shop boys
everybody to the dance floor! pet shop boys has come to town!

there was a time in my youth when the music i listened to consisted of an abundance of britpop bands such as duran duran, new order, bananarama, tears for fears, wham! and the pet shop boys. one could not go through the 80s or 90s without jamming to these hitmakers.

although duran duran produced some really great videos, it was pet shop boys’ being boring that took the cake. this black and white video, directed by fashion photographer bruce weber, is purr-fection. a visual masterpiece. and IMHO, is one of the greatest singles of all time.

and they didn’t play it on this tour! grrrrr! i knew it was a long shot. minor disappointment aside, there were enough favourites to satisfy me all night long. the concert was a visual spectacle with its glorious light shows, rave laser beams, projections, strobe lights, dried ice, shiny head gear and inflatable fat suits.

pet shop boys super
pet shop boys
it felt like we were in a club in the 90s, leaping to our feet and dancing our collective asses off together.

the duo still got it. they may be older, we may be older, but for one night, we all felt young and carefree, with the world as our oyster.

pet shop boys super
pet shop boys super
here’s the setlist:

PSB setlist

Lost in the music

our lady peace + i mother earth featuring edwin

OLP tour
if you grew up in canada in the 90s, you’d no doubt have listened to any number of our lady peace and i mother earth songs on the radio or on muchmusic. bonus points for you if you also followed edwin’s solo career after he left as frontman for i mother earth. (which i did)

both bands are well known and well loved by canadians. but i have never seen them live until now — on their reunion tour that kicked off at the abbotsford centre. for sean and i, it was like a stroll down amnesia lane, reliving our 90s. and i must say, i rather enjoyed this slice of canadiana.

original front man edwin and i mother earth had reunited on stage to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their album, scenery and fish. unfortunately for me, no solo edwin music included in the setlist. we were amazed at how well he belted out the songs and how tight the band was, riffing on the songs. they are a great band to see live. they not only can play, but they can jam.

edwin pressure
their setlist:

  1. not quite sonic
  2. used to be alright
  3. pisser
  4. raspberry
  5. earth, sky and C.
  6. another sunday
  7. levitate
  8. one more astronaut
  9. rain will fall

when our lady peace took the stage, there was a weird, collective energy in the venue. it was good in that canadians rocking to canadians kinda way. it’s not the same vibe as canadians going to a coldplay or U2 concert, you know? this was one of our own and they were here to remind us of our good ole’ days.

raine maida with a megaphone kickstarted the gig. and then the sing-a-long began and didn’t really stop until the end of the night.

full disclosure: i know our lady peace songs because of hearing it countless times on radio and tv. i have a couple of OLP favourites, but after tonite’s concert, even the ones i wasn’t that crazy about, i not only grew to appreciate and actually ended up liking those songs more than before. that is the the power of live performances.

the setlist:

OLP setlist

a slice of can-rock to warm us on this rainy autumn night. now let’s go get some timmy ho’s!

Lost in the music

an evening with sigur rós

sigur ros QE
sigur rós stripped down, but still rocking their asses off. this tour around, sigur rós performed sans strings, sans brass sections, and sans supporting band. for the very first time! all the more to focus on the core unit of the band. this concert would be special in that they would be road-testing new music before even stepping foot in a studio to record them. plus re-interpreting old favourites for the fans.

for their north american leg, sigur rós kicked off their tour in vancouver with two shows. we got tickets for the second performance and it did not disappoint. it was as symphonic, transcendent and dreamy as ever.

the set was simple but the visuals made the whole stage enthralling. it was epic-ness in an intimate theatre setting. i think it’s safe to say, they still continue to blow everyone away.

here are some pictures of the vancouver gig from sigur rós’ website.

it’s going to be hard to top, but we look forward to the next world tour.

here’s the setlist:

sigur ros


photo credit: sigur rós | nadia gottfried

Lost in the music

the paper gods tour with duran duran

the last time i saw duran duran on tour was in 2005, when the band reformed with all five members for their astronaut tour. i remember it so well, going with a bunch of girlfriends who were also lifelong duranies and all of us screaming our heads off after every song. my favourite has and always will be roger taylor – which made the concert extra special as this was the tour where he rejoined the band.

this time around, i went with sean, who’s also a big duran duran fan. and this time, thanks to my brother’s friend, we’d be watching the concert from one of the suites! fancy!

i still screamed my head off like a teenage girl. plus all the amazing visuals. no surprise, as duran duran has always been a visual band.

come undone
come undone.

pressure off
pressure off featuring nile rodgers. right before the confetti canons.

confetti canons
confetti blast!

space oddity
be still my heart. tribute to david bowie during planet earth/space oddity mash-up.

come undone
girls on film.

save a prayer
digital lighters for save a prayer.

her name is rio.

the soundtrack of my youth. what an amazing concert and a nice trip down memory lane. here’s the setlist:

duran setlist