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Lost in the music

Lost in the music

the kills return to vancouver

the kills
although i haven’t kept up with the kills latest albums in the past few years and that i haven’t seen them play live since 2009, i had no doubt that their may 31 show at the commodore was going to be killer. i was right. lead singer alison mosshart is one bad ass front woman. she owned that stage. guitarist jamie hince is still as mysterioso as ever. and the duo still has that “it” factor, that palpable chemistry on stage.

sean hadn’t ever heard of the kills before the gig, but afterwards, he was a total convert. mission accomplished.

here’s the setlist:

if you missed the gig, check out their performance on CBC2’s the strombo show on sunday:

Lost in the music

pet shop boys super tour coming to vancouver

PSB super
in my tiny fists of fury, a pair of tickets to pet shop boys’ super tour!

how is it that in my history of going to concerts, i have never once gone to a PSB concert? wha!?! and i’ve been a fan since the 80s. i’m baffled. i suppose it was always something: scheduling conflict, sold out shows, deciding to go to another gig, etc.

well, it’s about time i rectify that. oh gosh, if being boring is on the setlist, i’m seriously going to lose it. favourite PSB song ever.

Lost in the music

sigur ros returns to vancouver

sigur ros

in my tiny fists of fury, a pair of pre-sale tickets to see sigur ros! wha!?!

for the first time ever, the band will be touring without a support band, so no strings or brass sections. focusing on just the core unit of the band, sigur ros will be performing two sets (plus intermission). they’ll be roadtesting new music before recording them in the studio – the first time in a decade – and re-interpreting old songs in an intimate theatre setting. though the scale of the venue is reduced, the live production is said to be characteristically stunning, designed by the team behind their previous knights of illumination award-winning tour.

sounds so different than the last time they were here at deer lake park for concerts in the park. but i have little doubt, they’ll blow us away again.

Lost in the music

david bowie has died


i don’t know where i’m going from here, but i promise it won’t be boring. 

shocked and incredibly saddened.

the starman. major tom. the man who fell to earth. is now finally among the stars.

i know that everyone dies, but he seemed always immortal to me.  and i will forever be a fan of his music, his personas, his theatrics.

he was one of the greats. the coolest of the cool. a complete original. a ROCK GOD.

there’ll never be another one like him ever again.

there’s a starman waiting in the sky…

Lost in the music

psychocandy with jesus and mary chain

 how has it been 30 years since psychocandy was released!? and how has it been 8 years since since i’ve seem jesus and mary chain last perform? the first question still reels the mind. i discovered the mary chain in high school and their songs will always remind me of those angst-y and awkward teenage years.

jamc vogue
however, i felt nothing but shimmery nostalgia when i saw them play their sold out show at the vogue theatre last night, save for the one bout of angst that i felt.

the reid brothers have not changed much from the last time i saw them in new york in 2007. grey, bespectacled and slightly squidgy around the edges, the jesus and the mary chain still know how to mesmerize their fans. the distorted feedback. those iconic songs. that voice. i’m a sucker for jim’s vocal stylings.

here’s the setlist:

jamc vogue
that’s the thing about favourite bands from the days of yore, they reminds me of how far i’ve grown, how much i’ve changed (and haven’t changed) and is a stark reminder of what i’ll have to look forward to, as the years marches on. aging is such a bitch.

an obvious reminder that my outsides don’t match my insides. inside, i’m still the 20-something chick whenever i listen to the mary chain.

Lost in the music

the psychocandy tour coming to vancouver

jamc psycho
in my tiny fists of fury, a ticket to the jesus and mary chain gig at the vogue theatre next month! the psychocandy tour will celebrate the 30th anniversary of their debut album and the reid brothers will be performing the album in its entirety.

holy moly. i can’t believe it’s been 30 years (!) since ‘just like honey.’ how is it even possible that time flies by that quickly!? i could get all down about feeling so old, but i’ll choose to be in denial and just be amped to see JAMC again. the last time i saw them play was in 2007, at new york’s webster hall and the time before that was at lollapalooza 1992.

JAMC rarely tours, especially this part of the world. and never touring the album in its entirety – so this will be a double treat. hello, nostalgia!

photo credit: blanco y negro

Lost in the music

being rocked by 2cellos

2celloslaserstruth: classical concerts are not for everybody. it may come across as a stuffy affair. the sophisticated audience dressed up in fancy clothes. the music transporting you away to the land of zzzzzs. (not unlike attending an opera)

2cellos certainly cuts through that stereotype. the duo may be wielding cellos, but buttoned down and sedate they’re not.

not only are luka sulić and stjepan hauser totally easy on the eyes and crazy talented, but they really “bring the show”, getting audiences cheering in wild abandon to their music, their banter and their charms. not only can they get people up of their seats and clapping along, but they’re so appreciative and humble of all the attention. i’ve been waiting so long to see these guys – ever since their rendition of smooth criminal in 2012 – and they didn’t disappoint.

i was seated up in the balcony, but the moore theatre is such an intimate venue, there really wasn’t a bad seat in the house. plus it has great acoustics, really setting off the string instrument, not to mention the banging of the drums.

i don’t normally take video clips at concerts, (especially being so far away from the stage), but i had to with this one. just to show you what the light show was like – electrifying – to the point that if you’re photo sensitive, it may have felt like an assault on the senses. here they are bringing the house down with their rendition of ac/dc’s thunderstruck.

clearly not a boring concert.

here’s the setlist:

2cellos setlist
bonus! 2cellos invited those interested to stay on for a meet and greet after the concert. let me tell you, the lineup in the lobby was crazy. it wound all the way back upstairs. i may have been more tempted to wait in line, if sean was not meeting me after the concert.

2cellos also said a couple of times during the gig that they’d be back and that they’d see us again next year. please let this be true. experiencing their live show once is not enough.

Lost in the music

2cellos bring the strings

in my tiny fists of fury… a ticket to the sold out 2cellos concert in seattle. i mean, this gig has been sold out since it went on sale last summer. and i lucked out by finding somebody in vancouver, no less, who was trying to get rid of her extra ticket. funny how things work out.

i’ve been a fan of these guys ever since their smooth criminal video in 2012. i always dig it when pop music takes on a classical spin.

looking so forward to seeing 2cellos play the sh*t out of ac/dc, michael jackson, radiohead, muse, trent reznor, sting, GnR, nirvana and more.