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My Inner Geek

My Inner Geek

jason silva’s shots of awe in vancouver

jason silvain my tiny fists of fury, a ticket to see jason silva’s shots of awe! i have been a fan of his for years – before his national geographic brain games hosting gig. way back when he made inspirational youtube videos and would freestyle and rhapsodize on the power of love, grace, wonderment, music, passion, existentialism and our place in the universe. my favourite jason silva video is the biological advantage of being awestruck.

i am beyond excited to see him when he comes to vancouver. minds will be blown.

My Inner Geek

timeless in vancouver

i didn’t quite feel that zing of fangirl excitement like i did when i came across the filming of two episodes of the flash (one at hornby plaza and the christmas episode at robson square), however, it was still pretty cool to see eric kripke’s new show, timeless, being filmed downtown.

especially as the actors and extras were dressed circa 1940s-1950s costumes. plus the classic automobiles.

i’m excited and more than a little curious about this show on time-travel. for one thing, it’s created by eric kripke, who also created supernatural and revolution. i’ve been a fan of supernatural since episode one. and yet, 12 seasons later, i still have yet to come across supernatural being filmed. (!) the show doesn’t really film in the downtown core. but i did walk by misha collins one time on the street.

promoted as back to the future meets mission: impossible, timeless looks like it has potential and i’ll definitely check it out. looks like i’m not the only one. seems there are folks on twitters who think the same.

timeless twittertwitter timeless
ok, kripke, amaze your fans like you did with supernatural. i had high hopes for revolution, but the actress cast in the main role, with her overly eager face, was just too annoying to watch. sean, on the other hand, enjoyed it. please don’t let timeless be another revolution.

My Inner Geek

purr-fect elf name for me

xmas name
i may not have a xmas tree (yet), but i have a xmas name.

samta claus. mistlero. derrick the halls.

i’m following some friends leads + have christmas-ized my name. point me in the direction of santa’s workshop. i sound like an elf.

My Inner Geek

8 years of halloween

pumpkinsevery year, i post a halloween round up post featuring our finely carved pumpkins. someone tell me how has it been 8 halloweens already? where does the time go?!? let’s have a stroll down amnesia lane, shall we?

halloweenhappy pumpkin day!

My Inner Geek

the art of dr seuss collection

a prayer for a child
one can not have been a kid and not grown up with dr. suess. like mr rogers’ neighbourhood tv show , dr. suess books were ubiquitous with childhood.

and although i never really liked suess’ art style, i made sure to check out the secret art collection exhibit at the pendulum gallery. because nostalgia. plus it was free.

through adult eyes, i found i still didn’t like artwork from books like Horton Hears a Who!, The Cat in the Hat, or How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, however, there were a couple of pieces that i did like (and that i don’t remember from when i was young):

facts of lifethe facts of life

wisdom of oriental catwisdom of the oriental cat

gimlet fishgimlet fish

see going dilemma fishsee going dilemma fish

green cat in uleaborg finlandgreen cat in uleaborg finland

green cat in uleaborg finland
the exhibit featured 40 estate-authorized, limited-edition renderings of the seuss’ drawings, paintings, and sculptures. it was the first time they were shown and available for sale in vancouver, with prices ranging from $800 to $15,500 per piece.

the surreal and whimsical sure do cost a pretty penny! good thing i can just admire them (and be transported back to childhood) for free.

My Inner Geek

secret cinema presents the empire strikes back

secret cinema

when i went to london in september and attended secret cinema’s the empire strikes back event, i couldn’t fully explain just how AWESOME the event was. the sheer magnitude of it: the visual FX, the cantina bar, the droids, the landspeeder, the life-sized x-wing fighter, culminating in a big a** screening of the movie.

the sheer theatrics of it all. not to mention the collectiveness you felt. the ultimate nerdgasm experience.

AND it’s hitting the road. if you ever have the chance to participate, go! best live event ever. for a peek at what went down, click the below link:

Secret Cinema presents Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackThis Summer, in a secret location in London, 100,000 adventurous rebels lived in the world of Star Wars. Here is the film of their journey. Secret Cinema is changing the way you experience Cinema. Tell No One.We return with a new secret world in 2016. Apply now to become a part of it:

Posted by Secret Cinema on Tuesday, December 22, 2015

photo credit: secret cinema

My Inner Geek

awaken the force

starwars me

well, you know which camp i fall into. a cool little marketing idea from the star wars: the force awakens folks for dreaded facebook. can’t wait until the movie comes out!