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Rants + Rambles

the day the music died (at work)

souce: tech radar

what utter, utter rubbish.

my favourite radio station that i had been listening to for YEARS, absolute radio, has discontinued international streaming as of december 31. the reason?

“as a broadcaster funded entirely by UK advertising derived from UK listening, it is not economically viable for us to have our audio streaming outside of the UK.” – absolute radio

what a great way to kickstart 2014. happy frickin’ new year.

there are ways to circumvent this, but not when i’m at my computer at work. things may be looking up, however, as i might have found a good aural alternative in indie and alternative¬†XFM UK. goldfrapp, new order, stone roses, arctic monkeys, the strokes, the kooks, the bravery…. so far, so good.

and there’s always bbc 6, which i used to listen to religiously, tuning in especially for natasha’s weekend breakfast.

thank goodness not all streaming services have decided to discontinue streaming to their global fans. absolute radio – you disappoint me.

if anyone has any recos for streaming britpop/indie radio channels worth listening to, hit me. i’m all ears.

Rants + Rambles

a promise to myself

i’m not one to make new years resolutions, but there’s something that i noticed that i’ve been re-missed about this past year. like a spotlight used in times of dense fog, it’s become glaringly obvious to me. i haven’t been cultivating my friendships like i should.

i know my friends will always be my friends but i feel like i’ve been absent in their lives. i feel like we’ve grown apart this year and that’s not sitting very well with me. the reason for me is because of work. i’ve been so drained this past year, emotionally, physically and mentally, that i find it even challenging to muster up the energy to initiate meeting up or even catching up with friends by ways other than text or emails.

i know i’m not the only one guilty of this but it doesn’t make me feel any better about it. everyone i know is also busy with work, partners and starting of families and thus, tend to neglect people outside their most immediate or nuclear circle. any sort of get-togethers are often because of birthdays or christmas. mind you, those are important things to celebrate and recognize, but there’s also 365 days in a year. and lots of other opportunities to stay connected.

i want to make more of an effort in 2012 and changes are being made so this pronounced chasm that i’m feeling disappears.

oh, and i’m going to try my hand at baking in 2012.

Rants + Rambles

when the smoke clears

what happens after the smoke clears?

what side do we fall on?

i’m talking , of course, about the canuck riots that erupted in vancouver on june 15.

i have not been able to stop thinking about what happened the past couple of days. and the more i learn about what happened from all sides, the more i find myself digging my heels, staunchly positioned in my outlook.

i’m not a hockey fan. never have been, never will be. the game itself is fine – i have no problem with that. nor do i have an issue with the longtime, true canucks fans who have have stuck with the team through thick and thin since childhood, accepting any losses with civility and optimism for the following year.

i’m talking about the lowest denominators that sports cater to. the drunken louts who can’t take a loss and act out. the girls who adopt hockey as their religion just because their boyfriends are devotees. the bandwagoning, fairweather fans who are really only there for the party.

the day of game 7, my coworker goodnaturedly believed that they’d be no repeat of the 1994 riots. i told him flat-out he was wrong. just look at the type of people who make up the fanbase. with these types of “fans”, win or lose, there was going to be a riot. like many people, i never thought it would escalate to that level of destruction though.

the hot topic that has been brewing online since the morning after the riots has been whether to shame or not to shame. there’s only 2 sides that you can fall on. and there’s seems to be a real divide.

i’m for shaming and naming. i want these rioters and looters who had the gall to come downtown, hellbent in their premeditation on destroying property, terrorizing and hurting people, to be identified and punished to the fullest extent of the law. these anarchist thugs purposefully outfitted themselves with balaclavas, crowbars, molotov cocktails and fire extinguishers with the clear intent to harm.

i want those f*ckwits, fueled by all day drinking and who have used the excuse of being “caught up in the moment” due to the anarchists’ actions, to also be outed and thrown into jail. you join the herd, you get punished with the herd.

i don’t condone vigilantism but it is our civic responsibility to expose these f*ckers and help the police arrest them.

i consider myself a tolerant person but this issue of whether to name and shame is black or white, with no shades of gray. and although i can understand the counter argument about the dangers of crowdsourced surveillance and branding people with scarlet letters, i remain unmoved in that direction. when i’m a witness to such a disgusting display of mob mentality, it’s hard for me to conjure up any sympathy and understanding for these criminals, especially those who bragged about their exploits on their FB and twitter. every time i pause and think about the 4 hour live newsfeed i watched after the game, i become livid all over again.

how dare they.

in my ethic classes, we learned about 3 types of people in the work/group environment and this i’ve always remembered:

* those that will go along with the plan so as not to feel ostracized
* those who may disagree but go along anyway if there’s personal gain for them
* those who will not be swayed under any circumstances

the third type of person might very well not be popular among their peers or may even lose their job because of their convictions. but these are the people who have the strongest moral fiber. and i try to think of myself and live life as that type of highly principled person. there are just some things that should not be done, lines that should not be crossed.

and that’s why when i see all the brave samaritans who stood up and put their lives at risk against the mob that day, it makes me furiously angry at the way they were treated. a) what makes these cockroaches think they can behave like this? and b) that they think they can get away with it? and anyone who thinks i’m being too harsh, i ask them to view these raw videos and see how they feel by the end of it:

these women put up a great fight in attempt to protect this car from being vandalized but were ultimately overpowered

this man tried to get the mob to stop vandalizing and gotten beaten up as a result

bert easterbrook who got beaten up by the mob while trying to stop this truck from being set ablazed. but that right hook was a thing a beauty

this drunken midget trying to provoke a fireman to hit him and when he doesn’t, punches the firefighter anyways

one man trying to reason with the mob to stop destroying property by declaring “this is our city!”

and this link through globe and mail of a lone woman who stood up to the rioters

this sack of shit threatened this lady with his skateboard as she tried to reason with the mob to stop smashing store windows

and while there’s people that got overpowered in their acts of heroism, there were a couple caught on video that gave these cowards what they deserved.

the guy in the cap is one of the douchebags from the above videos smashing on the overturned smart car. bam! goes down.

this little f*cker thought he could act with impunity and that no one would do anything. wrong. boom.

this idiot got flashbanged by the police right in the family jewels. serves him right for rioting

you may say i’m going to hell for deriving satisfaction from watching these thugs get pounded on, then so be it. i’m going to hell with these videos set to repeat.

i really hope the riot act which was read by police is enforced and that those who contributed to the destruction or refused to leave the scene really do serve time. canada is much too lenient in punishing criminals.

Under Sections 67-68 of the Criminal Code of Canada, a public official may read what’s colloquially called the “Riot Act” in order to disperse an unruly crowd:

“Her Majesty the Queen charges and commands all persons being assembled immediately to disperse and peaceably to depart to their habitations or to their lawful business on the pain of being guilty of an offence for which, on conviction, they may be sentenced to imprisonment for life.”

People who do not “peaceably disperse” within 30 minutes are “guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for life.”

i’m surprised/not surprised at how i find myself feeling about this riot. i don’t like hockey but vancouver is my home. and i will NOT be empathetic to these parasites trying to pass as human beings. and yes, if i was parent and my kid took part in this hooliganism, i would march them down to the police station myself.

surprisingly i found that i was unable to contain myself, posting my thoughts on FB the night of the riots. and i even held back on my rantings, lest i would flood all my friend’s timelines.

speaking of which, what surprised me was how eerily quiet it was on my FB. besides a handful of friends, the majority did not post their thoughts or reactions on the matter. ironically, these were the very same people who could NOT shut up about posting their ‘go canucks go’ fever in the weeks leading up to game 7. and now they had nothing to say. where was all that passion and vigor they displayed when the going was good? where they not upset at what had happened? maybe they are still processing?

and me who’s never posted squat on the canucks fever now felt like i couldn’t shut up about it. i felt and still do feel seething white hot anger at what’s happened. i couldn’t even fall asleep that night because i was so livid. in a way, i’m surprised at how incensed i feel about this.

more than ever, my favourite adage by charles m. schulz, “i love mankind. it’s people that i can’t stand.” has never wrong more true with me.

so i applaud these webpages in their mission to ID photos and videos and bring to justice these deplorable little stains on society:

letters from the front lines: vancouver riot

are they really so stupid to think they won’t leave behind a digital fingerprint in this day and age?

absolutely yes, let these rioters and looters have their day in court, but like the date june 15 2011 in vancouver’s history, they too shall go down in infamy.

Rants + Rambles

losing the plot

this week has kicked my butt from here to timbuktu.

plans failed to fall into place. businesses should not say something is available and then turn around and say oopsies, no longer available. this happened not once, but 3 times this week.

the realization that my good nature is continually being taken advantage of hit me hard. don’t they realize that they’ve made their bed, therefore they should just lie in it? give me them rusty scissors so that i may cut that cord.

(f)unemployment still reigns.

and what’s with beautiful spring flowers only being here for such a short time?

yea, the past few days had me feeling like giving the big ole’ two finger salute to the world.

luckily i have a good people around me, talking me down from the ledge.

Rants + Rambles

my days of late

you’d think that i would be doing nothing but watching daytime soaps or talk shows while eating bonbons since my job was eliminated, but oh no! you would be wrong. i don’t even turn on the TV during the day.

rather, i’m on my macbook pro cruising job sites and keeping my ear to the ground. and when i’m not doing that, i’m going to yoga every other day. and now that i’ve been given this ‘gift of time’, i am re-learning french with my rosetta stone program.

the bad thing about not working is that i’m finding myself slowly reverting and keeping vampire hours. and it’s getting harder to scale back what time i get up only because the alarm on my clock radio has been silent now for 3 weeks. i sleep around 3am each night and wake up before 11. but hey, on the upside, i’m getting almost 8 hour beauty sleep each night. (something that was next to impossible to get on a nightly basis when i was working)

i need to get back to work. or go on vacation. i’m suppose to make this year awesome!

Rants + Rambles

moving forward

photo courtesy of kent

my brother took this picture of me at CC’s birthday. at first i wasn’t sure how i felt about it. the reason is because i feel that i look different; older. this is not how i looked 5 years ago, 2 years ago and MAYBE a year ago. i’m sure some people will say i’m on crack and that i don’t looked aged in this picture, but i see the difference. i know the difference. it may be subtle, but i know it’s there.

peggy and i had talked about this aging process we’re all going through when we drove down to bellingham. she had said she found an old picture of us in our raver days. the picture was from 12 years ago. she said we both looked super young. fresh, tight and baby-faced.

and here we are now, contending with signs that inevitably come with age: the embedded smile lines, little crinkle lines at the corner of the eyes, the fuller and rounder look as our faces mature…

all of which we can not deny when we see pictures of ourselves.

i joked with sean that i will have to learn how to tilt my head differently or smile differently. this was going to be my new face. but somehow, i think i might be okay with it for this picture has grown on me. don’t get me wrong – i’ll fight aging as long as i could with every fiber of my being, but i think i’m also curious to seeing the course of my life written onto my face. and if i’m lucky, i will see in my face a life full of happiness, love, fulfillment and peace.

Day Job, Rants + Rambles

introducing myself: risk management style

the topic of today’s annual day long staff retreat was risk management. for our first exercise our facilitator, ludmijla, challenged each of us to introduce ourselves to the group, but with a twist. we were instructed to go out on a limb when telling everyone something they might not know about ourselves.

one person told of their checkered past and how they were arrested and had the mark of the arrest follow them for years whenever they crossed the border. another staffer who used to be a track and field star, shared with the group of the time she did the hammer throw and accidentally hit someone square in the sternum with the weight. in her defense, that person had been told repeatedly to move out of the way but chose not to. another staffer told of how she used to be a shepherdess and knows how to milk a cow, shear a sheep and churn butter. and in an apocalypse, we’d probably want her on our side. another staffer used to run competitively at the provincial level when she was a teenager. another abandoned aspirations of photography for a career in theatre arts. another staffer regaled us with how she overcame her fear of heights while being suspended in a glow worm cave in new zealand.

so how would i introduce myself?

hello, my name is ling. at the risk of sounding like a complete nutbar, horror movies have done quite the number on me. i used to be quite the horror movie aficionado, having started watching them when i was 11-12 years old. the really scary ones from the 70s and 80s, like the omen, rosemary’s baby and amityville horror. watching horror movies that young accentuated my already overactive imagination and cursed me in growing up to be a slightly neurotic adult.

even now, as an adult, i kinda steer clear of rottweilers cuz it reminds me of the hell hound from the omen. i will not dare say “bloody mary” three times in front of a candlelit mirror at midnight. the name malachi is ruined for me. you couldn’t pay me enough to live in a house that was built on top of an ancient indian burial ground. and i’d walk a hundred miles, in the rain and without shoes, before i’d get into a hearse with a driver who looked like the one from burnt offerings. for reals.

yea. not traumatized at all.

i even put the kibosh on watching horror movies for the past 7 or so years and just recently started watching horror movies again, but selectively. the embargo will get re-instated when i’m “in that way.” i am not going to be watching any horror flicks in that condition. and as for my future kids? forget about it. they’re not watching horror movies until they’re at least 18.

still wanna get to know me?

Rants + Rambles


life is fragile and can turn on a dime. what is here today may be gone tomorrow. make it your mission in life to spend as much time as you can with your loved ones and always make sure they know that you love them.

Lost in the music, Rants + Rambles

empire state of mind

it’s been over 2 years since i moved back from new york and i still can’t bring myself to unsubscribe to daily candy. and thank goodness, i haven’t.

for wednesday’s e-blast came with a video homage called, a love letter to: new york city

living in new york was like swinging on a pendulum. going from one extreme to another. from one day to the next. or on the same day. or in the next hour. the good days can make you literally feel like you can fly. the bad days can make you feel like your heart is going to break into a million little pieces.

i had my share of challenges and obstacles. days when i just couldn’t get out of bed; everything was so hard. lucky for me, the good days far outweighed the bad ones.

i met people from around the world (almost all the new yorkers you meet are transplants). there’s so much art and culture that you never run out of things to do. i was mentored by industry leaders who taught me to dream big and realize my fullest potential.

anything and everything can change at the drop of a hat in new york. there is so much to see and do and feel in new york. new york opens up your horizons. that’s why there’s so much drive, energy, creativity and passion in its residents.

although the daily candy invited celebrated new yorkers such as fashion designer isaac mizrahi, restauranteur danny meyer and chef daniel boulud to give their reasons on what is it they love about new york, i think the unknown cabbie said it the best:

whatever you want in new york you can get, as long as you’re hardworking. you live your dream.

here’s another awesome video homage to new york. this one by hours until morning films. the amazingly soulful song behind both videos is play my cards by john forte. so very new york.

new york. there’s no other place in the world like it.

and i promise to come back soon for a visit.

Rants + Rambles

sleepy bear

i think it’s a sign of getting old. i love to sleep. i look forward to it. it takes a crane to get me out of bed. curling up in bed is such a wonderful comfort. one of my favourite things to do in the world.

but i never used to be like this.

in the heydey of my 20s, during which i partied way too much, i was of the mindset of, “i’ll sleep when i’m eighty.” i could party all night, rest my eyes for a couple of hours and then get up, go to work and work the full day. shampoo, rinse, repeat. two to three times a week. four weeks a month. twelve months a year. oh, for how many years?

i honestly don’t know how i let myself be without the good stuff for as long as i did.

but now that i’m in my 30s, boy, am i trying my darndest to make up for lost time. i get about an average 6-7 hours of sleep on a week night, which is still considered sleep deprived. but on the weekends, i’ll tack on another hour or two.

nothing beats fresh laundered sheets, a down duvet and fluffy pillows… sleeping on my back like a starfish or like a spoon, wrapping myself around a pillow.

this is why i love kurt halsey’s artwork, especially his sketches on sleeping figures. halsey is one of the only artists that i collect. his pictures really do say it all…

“Influenced by my hopeless romantic and super sensitive mindset, I pay far too much attention to the little things in life and in the relationship between two people. In constant need of reassurance, explanation, closure, and attention, my paintings are made.” – Kurt Halsey