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pop quiz, hot shot

the matrix can’t tell you who you are, but apparently buzzfeed quizzes can. actually, it’s not far wrong, although i would’ve also like the idea of getting drunk with patrick stewart and ian mckellen.
great little timewasters for when you’re bored.

you know nothing, jon snow

“if we die, we’ll die. but first, we’ll live.” warrior woman of the free folk slash badasses. i can dig it.

this is who i got when i filled out zimbio’s which ‘game of thrones’ character are you quiz? seems like i have all the free time in the world at work to take these quizzes. apparently, so do all my friends.

in fact, i’m also a wizard like gandalf for which magical tolkien character are you? obi-wan kenobi for which star wars character are you? and jack lame for which anchorman newscaster are you?

segue: i’m so excited for the S3 of GoT when it comes out on blu-ray next month. sean and i are behind a season and hoping to catch up in time for S4, so please, no spoilers!


where were my damn carolers?

living out in the ‘burbs now, i half expected to see christmas carolers at my doorstep. isn’t that what they do out here? what a letdown.¬†harrumph.

perhaps i should start my own caroling group next year, go door to door, belting it out like those naughty gremlins and freaking the poop out of all our neighbours.

who’s in?


zombie survival map

do you know where the nearest hardware store, outdoor store, campground or radio tower is in your city, should the sh*t hit the fan? i do.

this ingenious survival map, created by doejo, will come in handy in the zombie apocalypse.