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insta-berlin: valerian premiere with luc besson

valerian jean luc besson
valerian jean luc besson
valerian jean luc besson
valerian jean luc besson
valerian jean luc besson
valerian jean luc besson
valerian jean luc besson
monsieur besson! monsieur besson! s’il vous plaît!

i took the fella to potsdamer platz because we wanted to check out what movies were playing at the sony centre. little did we know that we’d stumble onto the berlin premiere of valerian with none other than director luc besson! what are the chances?!! we’re such fans of luc besson. too bad valerian kinda shit the bed when we watched it the next day. #valerian #lucbesson #bluecarpet #moviepremiere #serendipity #berlin #berlinpremiere

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in need of a sabbatical

two jobs for two years. the burnout is real and i’m in need of a much needed sabbatical. so next month i’ll be jetting off to europe for an extended holiday.

a 6 week extended holiday.

i’ve never been away from home for that long – not counting living in new york for a couple of years. i think the longest i’ve been on vacation for is 3 weeks? so, this is going to be as fun, as it will be a challenge.

i’ll be hitting up central europe, visiting netherlands, switzerland, austria, czech republic, and many points in germany. sean will be joining me for the first 10 days and then i’ll be on my own. five weeks without the fella! that is going to feel all sorts of strange. can i do it? will i stop my trip and come home early? what about my kitty? it’s almost enough to give me pause about taking this extend-o holiday.

we’ll kick it all off with one of my favourite cities in the world, amsterdam.  i haven’t been to since 2010 and i’m excited to show sean why i love it so much. and since i had such a good time in berlin last year, and it was one of the trips sean and i always wanted to do together, so we’ll head there after amsterdam.

then he’ll head home because of work, and i’ll journey on because, sabbatical. this is going to be fun. stay tuned.

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reflections on berlin

brandenburger tor
first we take manhattan, then we take berlin.

a city of contrasts – steeped in history and yet oh, so modern, i thoroughly enjoyed berlin. the culturally diverse and cosmopolitan city has the most impressive monuments, and yet surprisingly, also lots of green space. in fact, there are 2,500 public parks and gardens in berlin!

museum island
victory column
if you’re into art, berlin has a prominent art scene. you can find vibrant street art and interesting architecture most everywhere. plus berlin is home to 175 museums and 300 art galleries and a whole island of museums? come ON. i put that 3 day museum pass to good use and i still ended up seeing a couple more museums on day 4.

noir berlin
i liked how berlin admirably did not hide its shameful past. in fact, the WWII memorials act as a testament to those who lost their lives during the nazi regime and as serves as a warning to us today of what can happen when hatred is allowed to come to power.

so whether you’re a history buff, art lover or diner of michelin rated restaurants (or you just love that currywurst!), berlin has something for everyone. there’s still so much to explore that i’ll need to come back for another visit!

for a look at everything i saw, press play on the slideshow or click here for my flickr!

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marlene dietrich exhibition at deutsche kinemathek

Deutsche Kinemathek
my last day in berlin and i chose to spend it at the deutsche kinemathek and museum fur film und fernsehen at potsdamer platz. because marlene dietrich permanent collection! also exhibits on media, film and television from the beginnings to present day germany.

the marlene dietrich exhibition came from her extensive private collection and included costumes from her films,  thousand of items from her personal wardrobe, her touring luggage, film clips, posters, sound recordings, photographs, love letters and correspondence between yul brynner, maurice chevalier, noel coward, ernest hemingway, orson welles and countless others.

also displayed were models and props from the 1927 iconic film, metropolis, as well as, exhibits from the cabinet of dr caligari (1920), props and costumes from the golden age of german cinema (1918-1933) and post-war cinema. plus louise brooks!

i only wish that photography was permitted! (boo). there were a couple of places that it would’ve been so easy to snap a photo or two, but decided to be the good tourist. so here are some google’d images of the museum:

sony centresource: sony centre

marlene dietrichsource: sofitel

well worth the visit if you’re a marlene dietrich fan and/or film buff and a great way to end my trip.