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Little adventures

a visit with seattle friends

second time to seattle in so many months. this time we stayed at this quaint little house on mercer island, where my friends also live. i adore mercer island. it’s only 2 stops away from downtown seattle, but it feels completely removed from the hustle and bustle of the city.

unlike our most recent trip, we were able to spend some time with my friend and his family. sean and i also got to visit bruce and brandon lee’s graves at lake view cemetery, something we were not able to do on our last trip. to be fair, we crammed a lot in that trip: cirque du soleil show, 2 cellos concert and star wars exhibit at the EMP.

some pics from our quick getaway:

on carousel
ollie carousel
gabe carousel
kiddie carousel
lee graves
lee graves2i hadn’t been to bruce and brandon lee’s graves since the early 90s, not long after brandon lee was killed, so the visit was way overdue. sean had never been before, so i also wanted him to see it – sean being such a big martial arts fan.

and even after all these years, there were still fans of all ages, coming to pay their respects. there were three people there when we arrived and another two that came while we were there. so if you ever go to lake view cemetery and are not sure where the lee’s final resting place is, just look towards the top of the hillside and they’ll most likely be fans already there.

until next time, seattle!

Little adventures

6 years!

cirque du soleil. star wars exhibition at EMP. 2cellos concert. airbnb stay and an introduction to uber. might sound a tad geeky to other couples, but for us, it was a great way to celebrate six years together.

Little adventures

kurios: a steampunk cirque-cus

seeing is disbelieving. reality is relative.

and with that, i could not think of a better first cirque du soleil show to attend than kurios: cabinet des curiosites. the steampunk girl in me have been excited for this since they kicked-off their traveling show in san francisco last year.

although cirque has brought their traveling shows to vancouver – although not this one – i always held off going because i wanted my first show to be special. memorable. i would’ve wanted to catch a resident vegas shows over any that came to town. i would wanted to see the beatle’s love, michael jackson one or O. but i was   happy to pop my cirque cherry with kurios.

sean and i absolutely LOVED it. it had all the retro-futuristic elements that appealed to us: the half-machine/human neo-victorian era characters, victrola record-players, electric lights glowing in bell jars, ancient locomotive, the large mechanical hand making its way around the stage, underscored by the sassy 1930s french jazz music. and the teensy weensy mini lili played by antanina satsura, one of the 10 smallest people in the world. the 3 foot, 40 pound woman who lives in her host’s metallic belly is utterly charming as she serenades the crowd in her tiny rowboat.

click here for more on satsura and 10 other curious facts about kurios. but in the meantime, check out where we were seated! good seats, right?

my favourite acts were the one with the 4 asian contortionists as eel-like creatures, the team of high jumpers bouncing sky high on a huge net trampoline, the upside-down dinner party slash parallel universe and the goggle-wearing aviator in his biplane, swinging high above our heads a la moving pictures style.

and the exquisite costumes!

the show was reminiscent of the city of lost children, the extraordinary adventures of adele blanc-sec, the prestige, hugo, league of extraordinary gentlemen and van helsing. if you loved the movies and are a fan of jules verne, you’ll love this show.

cirque kurios
it was theatre of the absurd and whimsical, with oddball characters that made me wish i could run away and join this very circus. go see this show!

Lost in the music

2cellos bring the strings

in my tiny fists of fury… a ticket to the sold out 2cellos concert in seattle. i mean, this gig has been sold out since it went on sale last summer. and i lucked out by finding somebody in vancouver, no less, who was trying to get rid of her extra ticket. funny how things work out.

i’ve been a fan of these guys ever since their smooth criminal video in 2012. i always dig it when pop music takes on a classical spin.

looking so forward to seeing 2cellos play the sh*t out of ac/dc, michael jackson, radiohead, muse, trent reznor, sting, GnR, nirvana and more.

Little adventures

day at the woodland zoo

why take a selfie when you can take a selfie with an elephant?
that’s what we did and more at the woodland zoo in seattle. i adore elephants and i’ve always wanted to see one in real life. like the panda base in chengdu, the woodland zoo is huge at 92 acres, scenic and offered canopies of trees to shield visitors from the hot sun, throughout the entire grounds.
and unlike the greater vancouver zoo, the woodland zoo have orangutans, gorillas, a snow leopard and meerkats as residents.  sean even got to see the red panda. and if he thought that little fella was cute, he has to accompany me the next time i go back to china.
the main highlight for me, was that we got to feed the elephants. for $5 per person, we were able to get up close and personal and have them grab the shoots of bamboos from our hands. all the money from the elephant feed experience went directly to the care of the elephants.
another neat program was feeding the parakeets and other free-flying birds at the willawong station, which is an indoor aviary. each bird stick cost $1. you just had to raise your arm to the branches and birds would approach you.
we got to see orangutans keeping cool and sleeping under canvas tarps. a sloth sleeping up in a tree. a bat hanging upside down, about to wrap itself up with its wings, but not before we got a shot of its extraordinarily huge member and what it was doing to itself (!) and a 2-tone animal that looked like something out of a fantasy movie – that would be a malayin tapir.
but the animal that i most enjoyed seeing, besides the elephants, were the penguins. i love those little tuxedo creatures. and the woodland zoo had so many of them! much more than the vancouver aquarium and also better situated so that you can see them too.
we stayed practically the whole day, just shortly after the zoo was opened to when the zoo was making its closing announcements. now i understand why friends who have gone to the woodland zoo have always recommended it to me.
for more pictures of our day at the zoo, press play to start the slideshow or click here for my flickr. enjoy.

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Travel the world

RQ to feature

yet another reason why i love twitter over facebook or any other platform. you never know who’s listening. and who’s going to reach out to you.

i posted a photo of my return trip from seattle via amtrak to my twitter and instagram and was pleasantly surprised that, not only did amtrak tweet me a compliment, but they also asked for my permission to use my image.  how flattering. of course, i said yes.

i wonder where my photo will turn up? perhaps on their website, blog, social media or print? i shall have to keep my peepers open.

Travel the world

how to be a modern girl

source: four arts

i always imagined that if i was alive in the roaring 20s, i would be a modern girl, be it a flapper, a chinese modeng xiaojie or a japanese “moga.”

serendipitiously, there was a japanese art deco exhibition at the asian art museum whilst i was in town for mozcon, so of course i had to go. with nearly 200 pieces, deco japan: shaping art and culture revealed the widespread impact of art deco on japanese culture through sculpture, painting, prints, ceramics, lacquerware, jewelry, textiles and furniture.


the 10 qualifications for being a moga (modern girl):

1. strength, the “enemy” of conventional femininity

2. conspicuous consumption of western food and drink

3. devotion to jazz records, dancing and smoking golden bat cigarettes from a metal cigarette holder

4. knowledge of the types of western liquor and a willingness to flirt to get them for free

5. devotion to fashion from paris and hollywood as seen in foreign fashion magazines

6. devotion to cinema

7. real or feigned interest in dancehalls as a way o show off one’s ostensible decadence to mobo (modern boys)

8. strolling in the ginza every saturday and sunday night

9. pawning things to get money to buy new clothes each season

10. offering one’s lips to any man who is useful, even if he is bald or ugly, but keeping one’s chastity because “infringement of chastity” lawsuits are out of style.

…according to illustrator takabatake kasho for fujin sekai magazine (1929)

sounds like me if i grew in the 20s. except for #3 and well, #10. for that one, you could consider me old-fashioned.

Day Job, Travel the world

being a tourist in sea-town

i know that it may not for everyone, but i love being going away on business trips. at my job, we have an annual conference which rotates between whistler, victoria and kelowna each year. i got to spend 6 days at whistler last year. in september, i’ll get to go and stay at the empress hotel in victoria. not too shabby.
that conference aside, i didn’t think i’d get a chance to go on another one. until mozcon came along. i submitted my proposal to attend and was pleasantly surprised that it got approved. i get to be absorb much knowledge about inbound marketing. plus i get to see seattle my way, which means museums and the like. i’m no stranger to seattle, but every time i do get to visit, it’s always with friends in tow and that means factoring in what they would like to do/see. (and they’re not quite the culture vulture types).
so here is what i got up to when i wasn’t conferencing:
a rodent incubus at the seattle art museum
the porcelain room at seattle art museum
xenomorph sighting at EMP
cersei lannister’s costume at EMP
chihuly glass roof
chihuly at night
also, asian art museum, shopping, nordstrom cafe, cheesecake factory and a lunch date with a friend and her little kiddo. i packed it in. like i always do.
for more pictures of my seattle mini-trip, press play on the slideshow or click here for my flickr.