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it’s hard to top sleeping in the trees and dinner with bunnies, but that didn’t stop us from trying on day 2 of our island getaway.

after our unique and woodsy stay, we would be swinging the other way to comfortable and luxe accommodations. as we had a few hours to kill between checking out at free spirit spheres and checking in at tigh-na-mara resort, we brunched and explored the small towns between qualicum beach and parksville.

we stopped off in errington to tour the north island wildlife recovery centre. the rehabilitation facility is home to several bird species including eagles, owls, falcons, turkeys and black bears (!)

we were slightly bummed to find out that we could only view the 10 bear cubs through a TV feed. as part of the center’s bear cub release program, contact with humans were prohibited (understandably), as they were to be re-released back to the wild when the cubs reach 18 months old.

however, we were visit with the resident black bear, knut. rejected by his mother when he was a 5 lb cub, the centre took knut in and raised him to the point where he is not releasable into the wild.

knut was sleeping in his hay-filled pen and we were no more than 5 feet away from him. we could see his black fur and brown nose through the fencing. and what’s more we heard him snoring. he did open his sleepy eyes a couple of time to have a peek at us. having been reared by humans, he’s doesn’t seem to mind people at all. too adorable.

what was not at all adorable were the turkeys. nature didn’t gift them with the best looking appearance, did she? and the wall of spiders. it’s only because the spiders on display were dead, that i was able to look at them in fascination. i think i would shriek like a little girl if i ever saw these hand-sized arachnids crawling across the floor.

our next stop was the little town of coombs. because goats on a roof!

oh, and the coombs country market was a great place to visit too. for a small town, they sure do have a lot of great food stuff that even big city markets don’t carry. it reminded me new yorks’ dean & deluca, but more rustic.

after our afternoon of animals, it was time to check into our spa bungalow studio at tigh-na-mara.

source: tigh-na-mara                   

i couldn’t wait to open those french doors and try out the jetted tub. and i’m not a bath person. other great features in the 500 sq.ft. room included: gas fireplace, kitchenette, private patio surrounded by forest.

sean, of course, couldn’t wait to take a swim in the grotto mineral pool, plus indulge in the 2 story cool-splash waterfall and whirlpool.

source: tigh-na-mara
the 2,500 sq.ft. warm water pool, designed to look like a natural grotto, is infused with 18 minerals from hungary to help with detoxification and rejuvenation. and holy poop – it worked. as i was partaking in their selection of complimentary drinks and fresh fruit in the relaxation lounge, i swear it felt like i was going to sink into the couch – i was that relaxed, in my terrycloth robe. and i’m not a hot tub slash jacuzzi slash whirlpool person.
then of course, after dinner, we just had to indulge in the jetted tub. with so much relaxation, it’s no wonder that we slept so soundly and deeply that we only awoke 10 minutes before breakfast was finished being served at the resort’s onsite restaurant.
there goes our $18 per person breakfast credits?
no – the very wonderful and accommodating staff extended our credits so that would could have lunch at cedars restaurant. such a pleasant surprise and a great way to end our 2 day getaway.
i would so recommend this getaway to any of my friends who are in need of a little therapy a la animals or nature and only have a couple of days off. plus i don’t think i have any problems with convincing sean to go back again.
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    this was a great trip… filled with animals. : )

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